William Shakespeare wrote that "All the world's a stage."  Those words are just as true today as they were when he penned them. Your "stage" may be your job, your business, your home, or an actual stage.  No matter where your stage is located, you want to be your best at all times. As a wife, mother, dance teacher, performer, and business owner, I've helped a lot of individuals learn the steps they need to put together a successful show, not only on stage, but in their personal & businesses as well.

What can you expect from My Tutu Sense?  

As someone looking to increase your confidence & find your path

Dance has a lot of parallels to "real" life.  Often we see a number of paths before us and can't seem to find the steps to choose the correct path.  My Tutu Sense can help you make "sense" of the mass of steps you see.  We can break them down into small phrases that will, with practice, choreograph the beautiful dance called "your life."  Everyone has a purpose and My Tutu Sense would be honored to dance with you on your stage, wherever you are.  

As a dance studio owner

You can expect proven methods of running your dance business, marketing & recruiting, policies & procedures, resources, and much more.  You can expect guidance in dealing with issues that arise with parents, staff, or students.  You can expect to receive recital ideas, and plans for putting together a stress-less production.  Most importantly, you can expect encouragement from someone who has been there and knows the joys and the struggles of the dance business first-hand. 

As a dance teacher

In addition to teaching tips, ideas, and resources, you can expect guidance on how to increase your own skill as a teacher and communicator.  You can expect support and encouragement for your role as instructor and role model for your students. 

As a parent

You can expect to receive information about what to look for when choosing a dance school for your child.  My first book is specifically for YOU!  It outlines all the questions you need to ask in order to find the best dance school for your child.  See the Resources page for more information.  I'm available by email for limited Q&A about dance schools, classes, and competitions in general.  See the Contact page to send questions or concerns you may have.

As an arts professional

Most of the methods shared for the dance business are capable of being translated into any arts business.  My Tutu Sense would love to have the opportunity to help you with ideas to grow your arts business and increase your audience.  You can expect proven methods to help you become a more confident business professional and have a stronger voice for sharing your art.